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Neelet Wessels
Neelet Wessels
Mondays | 6.00pm
19 Bluebuck Street (Afrikaans)
072 446 2979

Simon and Sheena Harvey
Mikhail & Kylie Bhabha
Tuesdays | 6.00pm
5 David Glenny Cres
074 281 1379/ 082 865 4334

Simon and Sheena Harvey
Marietjie Van As
Tuesdays | 6.00pm
60 Armstrong Ave
083 454 9333

Gert and Cindy Steyn
Roelf & Lin Van der Merwe
Tuesdays | 6.00pm
10 Abelia Road
076 858 8875 / 082 739 9648

Simon and Sheena Harvey
Simon & Sheena Harvey & Simone Joubert
Mondays | 6.30pm
8 Jenner Road
083 787 0798 / 083 635 0798/ 083 236 4475

Michael and Rene du Plessis
Adriaan & Verona De Villiers
Tuesdays | 6.00pm
16 Boekenhout Ave
083 459 8662 / 083 460 7607

Simon and Sheena Harvey
Cindy Steyn & Myrna Jose
Tuesdays | 6.00pm
Overflow, VFC
082 536 5572 / 084 305 3128

Simon and Sheena Harvey
Bryan & Debby Brink
Mondays | 6.30pm
10 Hobby close, Zini River Estate, Mtunzini
082 853 0572 / 081 018 9769


Life Groups

We believe church should not be just a place you attend but a family to whom you belong.Life Groups are the place where this becomes a reality. In Life Groups, we help one another to treasure Christ together in our everyday lives. Each week, you will have space to catch up with others and discuss how God’s Word applies to your everyday life and practically apply it to everyday living. Whether you’ve gone to church your whole life or you’ve never been to a church, Life Groups are for you!
We do “sign-ups” once a term so that you can make an 8 week commitment to the group and then you are done. Sure, if you enjoyed the company of others the previous term, you are most welcome to join up with them again, but bear in mind, group members may be different; new people may join and leaders may change – all this encourages us to grow!


Our church family has a private
Facebook group where we
highlight needs and offer help so
that we can care for one another
in practical ways.

Circle of Friends

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. That is what makes Wednesday morning and afternoon special. Friends getting together over a cup of coffee or tea and discussing the particular study the group is doing and so much more, feeling the safety of what is said stay in your circle of friends. Ladies meet on Wednesdays at 10am and 3pm for a GOOD bible study, a good cup of coffee and a good chat.

More than Conquerors

Our men enjoy fellowship – not only around the braai but especially when they eat together. The men are fed with “pap and wors” and spiritual food from the Word. On the first Saturday of every month at 7am, the men have a breakfast braai to build friendships and learn more about God. All men are welcome.


This is a place where our children are encouraged to become disciples of Jesus by knowing God intimately, loving Him passionately and serving Him selflessly. Our team of volunteers use local curriculum from Lynette Snyman in their Alpha (Gr RRR-Grade 1), Beta (Gr 2-4) and Omega (Gr 5-7) groups each Sunday.

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