God’s Protection

Maliga Pillay
11 February 2023

Last month I was driving into town from Mevamhlope to pick up my grandson from school which is on the church premises.  I was with my daughter Melissa.  The road we travel is a narrow 2 way road and used by many trucks and it is also under construction.
There was a vehicle coming from the other direction but he was coming head onto to me .Melissa shouted, ‘Oh my God!”
I quickly swerved to my left and then to my right. I was in a shock said, “Its only God! Thank you Jesus!”

When I looked back to see where I had swerved there was no place for me to swerve my car. I was so shocked.  Then I realized that our God was there to protect me and he put that extra piece of ground there for me.

Our God never fails us.  He is there all the time but we fail to realize that.  Everyday I drive pass there and look at that spot and thank God over and over.

It’s so important to pray and cover our family and ourselves with the blood of Jesus .I’m grateful and blessed to be a follower of Chris.  I’m blessed  to be in this church VICTORY FAMILY CHURCH. I really feel at home when I’m with you all . Thank you.

All praise and glory to God…


Healing Testimony

Richard Springorum
07 November 2022

After completing a very interesting and informative course with Charles Ras on Motivational and Spiritual Gifts, the Holy Spirit used me to prove that we are all able to access these gifts if we are willing to open up and step outside of our comfort zone.

My wife, Teressa has been clocking some heavy mileage in her preparations leading into a 21km race scheduled in Richards Bay on 5 December 2022.  She has also been running in the incorrect shoes and as a result of the high mileage, incorrect gait cycle and shoes, she picked up serious pain in the left knee, which radiated into her hip joints.  After long runs, she would inform me about her knee and hip pain and even at times that her feet would go numb.  As a result, her movement within the above mentioned joints were limited and she went onto anti-inflammatories, three times a day for a number of weeks.

After Charles Ras returned from his preaching trip, our group met at the church on the Tuesday evening to wrap-up our course.  I questioned why I was not seeing these gifts being used in our church, and at that time did not realise that I had indirectly challenged God.

On the Wednesday evening I woke up at midnight with my heart beating in my neck and the burning sensation of having to pray healing over my wife’s knee.  So I put my left hand on her knee and just started praying and challenging God to heal her knee.  Teressa had no idea what was happening as she was in a deep sleep at the time.  As I prayed, I started crying and my hand that was on her knee started heating up and going numb.  I found this weird, as my other hand was ‘normal’.  After taking my hand off her knee and giving it a shake, I put it back on and continued to pray and again it heated up.  When I was done, I felt fulfilled and went to sleep.

The next morning Teressa went for an 8km run and came home and told me that her knee, hips or feet was not sore and she did not take anti-inflammatories that day.  We took our children to the beach and she told her friend about her knee pain and showed her certain movements that she could not do owing to the pain.  As she completed the movements,  she turned to me and said it’s weird, as she could complete the movements, pain free.

So I decided to confess and tell her what I did the night before and what I experienced.  After listening to the story, she claimed I healed her knee through the Holy Spirit.  Since that day, she has upped her mileage and not taken one anti-inflammatory.

On that Sunday, before Karl Rottcher preached, I gave a testimony to the congregation about the numerous Spiritual Gifts God showed me during that week.  The following Sunday after church, Myrna came to me at the media desk all excited to share with me what she had experienced through my testimony.  She told me that she fell at school and hurt her knee really badly, where she believed she had to go see the surgeon to fix it as the pain was that intense.  On the weekend, she watched Karl’s preach online and when she heard my testimony, something inside of her ‘ignited’ and she claimed that testimony for herself and said she does not know what hand she used or if the hand used was on the injured knee, but she prayed for healing and claimed results.  Myrna said the next day when she woke up and went to work, her knee was healed and up to today she has not had any problems with that knee.

This is just a true testament to how great and glorious our God is.

Our God is Faithful

Suko Mlambo
28 June 2022

I’d like to give thanks to God for His goodness and faithfulness. Exactly one year after I became unemployed, I have found a new job, against some mighty odds. Nothing is impossible for Him. During my time of unemployment, our needs were met. This lean time of waiting was also a time to “Know well the condition of your flocks, and pay attention to your herds” (Proverbs 27:23) and get my house in order in a number of areas. Our loving Father does use all that happens to us for our good.

Praise God!

Annelie Naidoo
7 March 2022

I had experienced pain in my left knee for a while and gone to the doctor. After an ultrasound I was told that it is a chronic condition that will require over the counter medication to relive the pain unless it is unbearable then further treatment would be required.

Two Sunday’s ago there was a call for those who have knee pain, backache, dizziness and other problems to come to the front for healing. I immediately knew that I needed to go for prayer for my knee. I was prayed for by Marietjie van As and I was hopeful. I waited the next few days and was happy that there was no pain but continued to wait thinking that the pain will be back but weeks have passed and there is no pain, nothing at all. I am completely healed and want to give God all the honour and praise.

I would like to encourage those reading this to ask and be expectant to receive. God is bigger than we believe and he heals.


Our ‘Unbelievable’ God!

Mike and Gerda Williams
24 February 2022

Dear VFC family

We may have moved away but VFC is still and will always be our family and our home… As far as testimonies go, every single day since the 25th February 2020 and till and including today, has been an incredible and powerful testimony.

You’d better understand that the word “unbelievable”, has crossed our minds, but then it wouldn’t be a testimony.

It is never “unbelievable” what God can do. Just to narrow down our testimonies…

We had to be out of that house in Empangeni by Wednesday 31st March 2020, as our 12 month rental contract was up.

After a month and a half of house hunting down here, we were totally blessed with this house we are in on the 30th March 2020. Until that day, we never had an address to send our furniture to.

I have been job hunting but every time I submit my CV, nothing happens. On the contrary, I registered a company in 2015 and each year, I have continued to pay the annual registration fees to keep it alive.

We arrived here, unpacked and got settled in. Shortly after that, I got a bathroom ceiling to replace. My first job… Gerda was still under the agency and also looking for work, but she was being used here and there when the hospital was short staffed. To cut the long story short. Gerda started on permanent staff at Margate Hospital on the 1st November.

I replaced that ceiling, then I had to build and install built in cupboards in a house and after that, do a completely new electrical installation into their Wendy-house, also some of the dry walling and ceilings in the Wendy. Then I installed the geyser and completed all the plumbing, including connecting the JoJo tank and pump to the Wendy.

After that I was assisting a friend with a complete house renovation in Margate. Again, a complete electrical installation, including the DB box and connecting it all to the municipality main supply.

In between waiting for the owner to supply materials, I have also done an engine overhaul, a clutch overhaul, a brakes repair on a bakkie, also had a water leak on the same bakkie.

A guy called me to look at his forklift which I also quoted for and did the repairs.

Just the other day, another guy called me as he got my number from one of my suppliers in Port Shepstone I am currently repairing his trolley jack. I have also been blessed with a service on a Volvo and Saturday I’m getting another bakkie for a brake overhaul and panel beating on his rusted off tailgate.

No if people want to know what God can do, we are living testimonies of His love for us and His blessings that we receive daily.

May the Lord bless you all
Shared with lots and lots of love
Mike & Gerda Williams

The Power of Prayer!

Philip Van der Merwe
21 February 2022

My doctor says my heart is 100 percent which is a testimony to the power of prayer. The Empangeni GP told us that there was heavy calcification in my one of my arteries and that I was a walking time bomb for a heart attack. Dr Gilmer put a camera through my heart and arteries. I had to run a tread mill for him and after looking and listening to my heart on a sonar he was happy to declare there is nothing wrong with my heart .
The specialist who was with him in theater said to Monique and I afterwards that the GP in Empangeni probably thought he saw something but didn’t.
I believe God, through the power of prayer (because there were so so many people praying for me) healed my heart so that what the Empangeni GP said he saw was gone a few days later when Dr Gilmer looked at it.
God is good!

From Tragedy to Triumph

Roy and Norma Rheeder
27 August 2021

Roy and Norma have a wonderful testimony of how tragedy has turned into triumph.
On 12th July looters descended upon the Empangeni CBD, leaving a trail of destruction and unfortunately Roy’s Mica was not spared.

“Our alarm did not go off during the night so we thought we were okay, but this all changed later in the day.  We drove out to find our beloved store in pieces.  The parking area was in a shocking state, with messed paint, our stock scattered everywhere and people still happily looting whatever they could find.  It was mind blowing and heart-breaking experience.”

They waited three days for the looting to stop and visited the store that Thursday to assess the damage. “Everything was either gone or vandalized.  They even ripped the framed certificates from our office walls.  We were walking knee deep in trash.  We thought it would take days to clean up, but to our surprise the community showed up in numbers and with everyone’s help the store was clean in no time.”

Roy’s Mica lost millions worth of stock as well as infrastructure in the looting, but was fortunately insured. “As more and more people asked us whether we would use the money to retire, the thought did not cross our minds.  After much deliberating, we did at one stage decide to pull out.  Johan from Mica head office paid us a visit that morning assuring us of Mica’s full support.  Later in the day Norma, my son-in-law Peter and I were chatting and it suddenly dawned on me: No! We are not giving the devil glory.  We will fight!  Our doors will stay open!”

Roy was reminded of the Genesis 50:20 ‘You (Satan) intended to harm me, but God intended it for good… and from the moment Roy announced this news to his staff, doors began to open.

“Mica head office told us that we are a legacy and that they are not willing to lose us.  They paid for almost everything.  All that was lost or destroyed was replaced or repaired.  We got new stock and shelving, new modern signage, brand new computers, a state-of-the-art alarm and surveillance camera system and even new flooring. Our Landlord had been wanting to redo the floor.  The aftermath of the looting made it possible for them to overhaul our floors and it looks spectacular!  God shows himself in adversity, for His glory.  How will we know God’s grace, mercy and love without going through adversity?”

Roy and Norma would like to thank each and everyone for their support, for all the calls, messages and prayers.  Thank you for all those who brought us coffee, cake and rusks, to those who brought grocery parcels.  Thank you to everyone who helped to clean up and who made donations.  Thank you to our family at Mica. You have lifted us up and restored our faith in our fellow mankind and made us realize anew what a wonderful place this town truly is.  We couldn’t have done this without the community.

God is good!

JP Orlandini
31 August 2021

I was battling this covid and I was losing the battle. I was in a bad place, I couldn’t walk, talk or eat and I was on my way out. That’s when my wife started praying and approached the church for prayer.

Next thing I know I started healing and getting better each day. It was as if I could feel God’s hands inside my chest putting me back together piece by piece.

Also, a lady from Witbank heard about my story and contacted my family and lent us an expensive machine that makes oxygen which helped me to breathe.  She didn’t charge us anything and even met my brother half way to hand it over! All glory to God

I just want to extend my love and thanks to the family for all the prayers and all the Glory to God for my continued healing and blessings.

Our God Heals!

Testimonies from our Healing Evening with BSSM (Bethel School of the Supernatural Ministry)
22 March 2021

Patch Addison

What a powerful and encouraging evening we all experienced.
When one of the students felt there was someone at VFC that was battling with his lower back I stood up and said, that’s me.  Rich and Lol gathered around me and as Rich put his hand on my lower back and prayed for healing I immediately felt a very warm feeling in my back.  I definitely felt something and was encouraged by the warmth I experienced.  I proceeded to ride my bike the next day and for the first time in a long time I experienced no pain on my ride!
I did however have times during the day when I felt a voice telling me, ‘you are not healed.’ I kept on repeating in Jesus name I am healed…..I am healed in Jesus name.  I thank the Lord for my healing and keep thanking Him.

Lol Addison

For a year or two – I have had a repetitive movement strain – bringing pain in my wrist and going up to my elbow which flairs up when I cut things, either sewing or gardening which I love to do. One of the students had a word of knowledge about a wrist – so I stood in faith and was prayed for – the pain subsided from a 4/10 to 2/10 after praying and then when I testified it went completely – it has been fine since then and I have been cutting a lot –
Thank you Jesus!!

Gert Steyn

One of the students said there was someone with a hearing problem. I have a hearing problem, I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 6-8 years and my hearing is very bad. When Karl asked me to rate my hearing from a scale of 1-10 on how bad it was I gave it a 5 and then he prayed for me and it went down to 3/10 and then 2/10. I could hear him talking when he was about 8 steps away from me without my hearing aids!  God is great and the healing was great and I am so thankful, God has been so good to me. We thank Jesus for dying on the cross for us and by His stripes we are healed. Anybody who needs healing, don’t be discouraged, let people pray for you and keep praying until something happens. We thank Jess and everybody for last night!

Marie De Matteis

Last night was amazing! I had an accident and hurt my knee 10 years ago. I battled to bend it and struggled to get in and out of my car. Last week I went to the doctor and was given a horrible brace that I am supposed to wear and I was told I need to have a knee replacement. Last night two of the students said there is somebody here with a painful right knee that needs a knee replacement. I stood up and was prayed for and now I can bend my knee fully without any pain! Amen! Thank you Jesus!


God is faithful!

Annelie Naidoo
10 March 2021

I want to share a testimony of God’s love and faithfulness. The past few days my son has been showing flu symptoms, runny nose and a cough. We were concerned, I was especially paranoid because my cousin passed away last week from Covid after being sick for one week, no cormobidities-40 years old. We decided to take Hunter to the doctor to be cautious. The doctor saw that he had Covid like symptoms and immediately sent him to the casualty as an outpatient to be seen to. While in that room the experience felt surreal, you often hear of how this can turn out and fears start creeping in but I quietly prayed and declared that God is in control and I said, God Your Will be Done. We were told that it will take 24 hours to get the results and we must all isolate. I went home and made the necessary arrangements for school and quickly prepared work for my girls and arranged for Robyn’s school work. The entire time there was a peace in our home that I cannot explain. Even though we made the necessary arrangements we kept declaring that the results will be negative, but doubt lingers. I decided to wake up this morning like I normally would and carry on with my morning routine as an act of faith that all will be okay. I kept rushing Robyn like every morning and Daniel kept saying relax we may only get the results later in the day. I persisted and around 15 minutes before we could leave I started to become nervous as the results had not yet been sent. With 5 minutes left, we received an sms with a negative result. God will come through in His time…Praise God…I hope you feel encouraged🌷

What a Faithful God we serve!

Izél Wessels
28 February 2021

God is so faithful. Yesterday I lost my wedding ring. It is quite sentimental and today is 9 years since my mother passed away so it is quite a remembering weekend. I know it’s an earthly thing but I was quite sad yesterday. We prayed and looked everywhere 7 times yesterday. I could not even remember when I took it off. Last night I dreamed that I found my wedding ring and early this morning I remembered I was sitting  outside with Frené on Friday afternoon. And that is where we found it this morning! Just wanted to share. God knows the desires of our heart and he is so faithful in big things and small things like a ring.

God of the big things and the small

Keri Rottcher
22 February 2021

Rita asked me to help her with her new electric piano. She was battling to get some functions working. I went, hoping I would be able to help, knowing that my technology skills are limited.
When I arrived, we managed to get the one function working but I was battling, as she was with the other.
Remembering the fast and feast that we are currently doing, I quietly said to the Lord, “I am anointed, please give me creative solutions to work this out.” We then looked at another page on the manual and managed to work it out!
Such a small thing but a real answer to prayer. I shared with her my prayer and we both thanked God for His solution in the moment.
What a blessing to call on the Lord in EVERY situation no matter how big or small!

Our God is a God who heals!

Shireen Naidoo
16 September 2020

Hi everyone

Its now the 7th week that I have been sick, I am finally recovering Praise the Lord!!!

I tested positive for Covid on the 27.07.2020.  A few days earlier my son Richard tested positive. He had tested 5 times at the hospital and each time it was negative.  This time he had a few symptoms and 3 Dr’s at his unit tested positive, as they were screening patients 3 times a week.

David also tested positive. He did not have too many symptoms and recovered within the next 5 days, so did Richard. My daughter Sam had moved to Jhb about two weeks before that.

The ironic part was from the time of lockdown I did not leave the farm, David went to Eshowe, Ntumeni and to Empangeni a few times.  I used to go to work at the pack house and back home, so I guess anyone anywhere can get it. The Friday before we got sick one of the guards on the farm was standing outside the packhouse having a good laugh with a few managers, very friendly guy, on the same Sunday we received a call to say he passed away of Covid, which in turn got everyone hyped !

By the 3rd day I woke up feeling really sore so I sent my GP a message and he sent me my results to say I’m positive, he advised I go to the hospital as I am asthmatic.  I called Richard feeling terrible, he was in isolation as well but he told us he will come home the next day and check on me.

I stayed in bed took the vitamins and pain meds which were prescribed to me, hoping they would work.  David started feeling better we were both working remotely from home. Thank God for technology.

Covid does weird things to your body, Richard and I lost our taste and smell, David was fine in this area. Richard found humor in everything about this, he was the happiest when his results came back positive, we asked him if he is ok? OF course, he replies all his friends have already tested positive at least now he has 10 days to isolate it was his HOLIDAY☺  The first morning he was at home he cooks a nice breakfast bacon eggs toast makes his famous capsule coffee, then calls me to say he just wasted an entire pack of bacon and his eggs and coffee as he couldn’t taste anything … I thought, really now you have jokes! He was very positive from the start and kept saying better get tested positive and get over it than stressing about getting it.

Eventually things returned to normal as David and Richard returned to work and I was left at home, alone and it was actually then that u realize u have no one but God to call upon, I must admit lying in bed day after day feeling so dazed and in pain, constantly coughing so much, leaving your body in a constant ache.

I did not pray some days I was just out of it. But I remember asking God every single day for strength.

Some days were really difficult my body just felt so drained I had no energy to even stand up, I phoned David to come home and get me some water to drink. You get scared fear grips you and I had to pray for the fear to leave! The devil tries to put the worse thoughts in your mind at this stage, I literally experienced that and I remember thinking of how Jesus must have felt after the 40 day fast when satan told him to turn the stones to bread!! That’s when I started to have arguments with the devil, I started taking authority in Jesus name and pleading the blood of Jesus constantly.

The one morning I woke up looked at the time and said to myself few more mins to sleep then I must go make David’s breakfast, I drifted on and off until I heard David’s voice and It startled me as I realised I didn’t make his breakfast , so I say sorry to David , he then replied, breakfast do you know that I am just leaving after my lunch break. It’s now 1.30pm.  Oh no, I had slept the entire morning!!

God helped me or I couldn’t have made it this far, the mere act of waking up and getting to the bathroom was a mission, let alone walking to the kitchen or going outside. The one day I was coughing real bad and Richard phoned me, so I told him I will message him I just want to nebulize. He messaged me back and said…just stop all the medication. You have been to garden clinic twice, to the GP in Eshowe twice and you are taking too much meds…stop everything rest and then go sit outside in the sun even if its 5 mins build up each day a little more. So I started doing this, the amazing thing is whilst sitting on the veranda sipping some ginger and turmeric tea I started to thank God for his beautiful creation the grass, flowers, trees even the blue sky …was I losing it I wandered. But God said no you are perfectly fine now that is what I shout out to my people every day but we are so busy in our daily rushed routines we forget to listen to these messages God is giving us. We take everything in life for granted, we have this whole mindset of human accomplishments and goals that we push ourselves to set and accomplish yet we forget to focus on the main things that were freely given to us , the breath we breathe, the ability to taste oh yes , I sat there the next day peeled an orange and popped a little piece in my mouth and just realised 5 minutes later I am savouring the piece of orange in my mouth as if it were my favourite chocolate !! I could taste it! What a privilege and joy!! God is good!

Well two weeks ago my dog got sick and died that was very sad..the Lord took me back to a few years ago when I was very sick.  I had stomach surgery. At that time our parrot had died.. I was pondering over this when I saw a vision of Jesus with the crown of thorns on the cross and I felt the hurt and pain for the first time I had never gone through the emotions of what it really meant to me having God sacrifice his son Jesus so that I can live and have life in abundance. I started to pray in tongues and silently plead the blood of Jesus constantly over our lives, the house, the yard, the staff on the farm. I started thanking God for the little things he provides for us, for his creation…things I didn’t focus on before.

A week later David bought us puppy so that lifted my spirits a bit too having a pup is like having a little child in the house. I missed having the family here, the noise, laughing and I was missing Sam a lot too.

The next day I received a delivery – it was a beautiful bike bought for me by Richard. I called him to say Thank you but then I said, I’m not even walking, and you want me to ride?  He replied, You always tell us to pray and confess the positive so stop saying I AM SICK, START PRAYING AND YOU WILL RIDE THE BIKE.

OOOOOOh the words I spoke are being spoken to me now…

He came home that Friday and asked me to go with him outside, he brought the bike out and said I must hop on he pushed me round the garden… So much fun! I was so scared I didn’t want to fall and get more sore.  You know when as a parent you start pushing your child on the bmx ..well it was reversed now the child was doing the parents job ☺

This week is a lot better. I am feeling stronger God is helping me slowly get more done every day.

I started adding one extra item on my list to do every morning as I learn to lean on God totally for my strength and the fun part is glorifying him and praising him at the end of day for accomplishing it and believe me you cannot do anything on your own. God wants us to focus on him cos I realised nothing that we focus on achieving matters at that time, when you are lying there flat out on the bed almost dead you realise no money no fancy medical aid or no amt of money can get you better only our miracle worker JESUS !!

We take nothing with us, absolutely nothing. It’s an eye opener to actually be in that situation, to be made aware of how fast paced we live that we do not realise our real purpose on earth.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for me and my family the messages of support and encouragement it made the days pass knowing someone is praying and you know God is answering.


Our Great Physician

Hannaley Gerber
8 July 2020

During the week of 15 June 2020, my dad (74) became ill where he lives in a retirement village in Westonaria. His doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia and he went to stay with my aunt until he got better. On Saturday morning, 20 June 2020, she called me to say that he was very weak. He didn’t eat or respond when she spoke to him, and his breathing was shallow. I asked her to call an ambulance. The paramedics said that he was in a semi-coma and he needed to go to hospital. We started to pray the Word over him and sent prayer requests to many prayer warriors to do the same.

He was admitted to Krugersdorp Private Hospital. That evening they called us to say that he tested positive for Covid 19. They sedated him and put him on life support. It was like that for 7 days. They tried to take him off life support and had to put it back as he couldn’t breathe on his own.

On the 9th day they were able to wake him up and he could breathe with the help of an oxygen mask. On Sunday 05 July 2020, they moved him from ICU to High Care and today, 07/07/2020 he was moved to a normal ward. We spoke on the phone and he is excited because he might be released in 2 days’ time.

His Covid 19 test results were negative today and we know that it was God who did the healing. We honour Him and praise His Holy Name. He is our Great Physician. Not only does He heal the body, but spirit, soul, relationships, finances, every area of our lives. Thank You Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.


God is faithful

Lorna van Greunen
28 May 2020

I would like to share my testimony this morning. My one son is in the tourism industry and as you know they are all without an income, and it will probably stay like that until December as tourism is the last to open during lockdown. I have been asking people to keep their ears open in case somebody can maybe do with an extra hand during these times. I was very concerned because he had some expenses to meet every month. I have also prayed continuously that something will come up. And praise God, yesterday somebody phoned him and said that he will employ him until he can start working in the tourism industry again. We are so grateful and I praise God for his faithfulness!

My Dad is the best!

Johan Els
22 June 2020

A few weeks ago, I took my son to PE where he will be spreading his wings. Because of time constraints, I was back on the road, driving through the night, to get home. There were hardly any other vehicles on the road. I ended up with another bakkie traveling behind me for most of the way as we headed through the Transkei. We entered one of the small towns, and went in different directions as we drove through the town. Coming out the other side, I found the other bakkie now ahead of me. I decided to stay behind him. It was only a short distance out of town when he drove into a small herd of cattle, in the middle of the road. The vehicle in front, hit a cow. We were traveling at approximately 100km ph. The impact totally destroyed the front of the vehicle, killing the animal. The driver, however, escaped without even a hair out of place. He assured me that he was fine and insisted that I carry on with my journey. Other people arrived on the scene so I left. Thinking back, I realized that as I was traveling, I was thinking about my son, concerned about his safety and not paying attention to my own. And again, I can only say – thank you Father that you did not spare your own Son and that You always think of my safety. My Dad is the best.

We are favoured children of God

Anna-Mart Kraftt
21 June 2020

This isn’t a quick read, but a personal experience of God’s faithfulness.
I would like to testify about my trip to New Zealand, the things leading up to the trip and afterwards.

In December 2019, Jandri and I decided that I should take Hugo to meet his grandparents and other family for the first time. We decided that I need to go alone, firstly because it’s so expensive and secondly, he had to stay and run his new business.

We contemplated whether it would be a good idea to travel while the Coronavirus was starting to spread. Luckily there weren’t any signs of it in South Africa yet and it seemed safe to go ahead with our plans. I prayed about the trip a lot and asked God to please give us a clear sign if we shouldn’t go. I did not want to put our 9-month-old baby in any danger, but I so desperately wanted to see my family and let them meet him.

I started planning in January and initially planned to leave middle February. I applied for Hugo’s passport and thankfully, it came within a few days. I then had to buy tickets, followed by Visa Applications (Air tickets with return dates are normally a big help to get visas approved without a problem). By the time I could buy the tickets, they were extremely expensive, so I decided on a later date, departing on 2 March and returning on 23 March 2020, from Durban to Johannesburg, then to Sydney, followed by Christchurch.

I felt so silly when my mom reminded me that my dad’s birthday was only two days after our return flights. Why did I not think of that? I immediately tried to change our flight, but was shocked to discover that it would cost R7000 to move our departure dates by a few days. I decided to stick to the original plans.

I kept on praying that God should please give us a sign if we shouldn’t go. I asked Him that if we were in any danger to not let our Visas be approved. I was ready to cancel our trip at any moment!
Within days of sending our passports to the Immigration Company, I received a notification that they received our passports and will be sending them for the necessary paperwork. This was strange to me because whenever I looked at our Application online, it hadn’t been approved yet. The following week our passports arrived at our gate; I couldn’t even wait to get into the house before opening the envelope… I knew that this would be a sign whether or not we should go.

The passports arrived, WITHOUT our Visas printed in them.  I was gutted, but I knew something wasn’t right. I realised that they made a mistake with the process and sent our passports through the necessary steps before our visas were approved. So, I did not cancel our plans just yet.

One week before departure, I still wasn’t sure whether we would be going to New Zealand or not. I then got an email saying that their visa process had changed and that online visas will now be accepted. It was quite an overwhelming feeling when I got our online visas, but I whole-heartedly knew that we could go and travel with the utmost peace and knowledge that Jesus will keep us safe.
We spent the most wonderful 3 weeks with my family and we were extremely blessed to have that precious time together. Obviously, there were many tears when they got to meet Hugo for the first time.

The second part of my testimony happened while we were in New Zealand.

While Hugo and I were with my parents, the virus started spreading quickly all over the world, even South Africa had their first case. I kept on reminding myself that God wouldn’t bring us all this way just to let us get sick on our way back.

A few days before our flight back, we heard that New Zealand had now closed their borders. This was okay, because foreign nationals were still allowed to leave, to go to their own countries. Out of the blue my mom got a phone call from her friend, asking whether my flight was still on track.  She had just heard that Australia have closed their borders, not only to enter the country but all transits as well.  My flight was in three days’ time!  How would we get home? Everyone kept on asking whether we would be able to fly back to South Africa, some people even recommended we stay in New Zealand. It seemed impossible to get home now.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t upset… When will I see my husband again? Will he miss Hugo’s first birthday, his first steps?
I phoned Jandri the morning we left for the Christchurch airport and said: “We will either get on that plane and come home or we will see you in a few months’ time”

If all this wasn’t enough, I had to deal with the fact that my flight from Johannesburg to Durban had been cancelled and they put me on an earlier flight, with only an hour to transit. From previous experience, I knew I would need at least two hours, but alone with a baby, maybe three! Jandri decided that it would be best if I cancel the last flight and he would drive to Johannesburg to fetch us.

I arrived a little late for my flight from Christchurch to Sydney. My family and I stood in an empty airport building, not really knowing what was waiting for us. There was only one flight out. Miraculously, Australia decided to extend the closure of their borders by 72 hours! My flight fell exactly in that time frame and with special clearance, we could finally board! Thank You, Jesus, I was so relieved!

I remember leaving South Africa, there were only a few people with masks on, but upon returning, I realised how serious things had gotten! Some passengers slept the whole way with a mask and gloves on.  People were scared! I kept on praying and relying on God’s promise that He will get us home safe.

I sanitised frequently. I didn’t put my very busy, crawling and inquisitive 10-month old baby down once. I held on to him the entire flight. He was so well behaved the entire trip. He never cried, he slept a lot and he was such a pleasure. It made it a lot easier for me. I managed to get a seat with a bassinet on our way back and sat next to a lovely couple who had the same surname as my maiden name, small world! They had to cut their trip short and paid over R140 000 for their seats right next to mine!

This was when I realised that we were actually on a plane, being repatriated. The moment we landed in South Africa; I received a message from my mom that New Zealand will be going into lockdown. We left just in time.
God kept his promise, He kept us safe, He had His hand in the exact dates that I chose, He was there the whole way!


Now I come to the third and final part of my testimony.

When we were finally reunited with Jandri at OR Thambo, it was early evening so we stayed over in a hotel close to the airport in Johannesburg, planning to drive back to Empangeni early the next morning. So, we relaxed and had dinner in our room that night. I was so happy to be back in South Africa, and so grateful to be safe. Jandri told me that the President would be addressing the nation that evening and that we might be going into a nationwide lockdown. Yet again, God’s timing was perfect, because we got back just in time!

The next morning, I woke up with a fever… Jandri felt my head and said that I was piping hot. I immediately said to myself that it can’t be! For a moment, I thought I had the dreaded virus. And if I had it, my son would also have it! I started praying and reminded God of His promise that He will keep us safe (not that He needed reminding, it was more to remind myself). After a few minutes, Jandri took my temperature and guess what – it was perfectly normal! Unbelievable!

I did end up getting food poisoning from the meal at the hotel, which lasted a whole week. This didn’t change the fact that God is good, because Hugo was healthy and we were home safe!  After two weeks of self-isolation at home, I can finally say this:  God is good, always!

He is always looking after us, even if we start doubting.
If things don’t look humanly possible, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible for Him.
He looks after His children and opens doors wherever you need it, just believe this and have faith, because His children are incredibly favoured!


God on the mountain and God in the valley.

Gert Steyn
12 June 2020

Cindy and I have been looking for work since August last year. Praying and praying and praying. I must be honest, there have been times that I have been in tears while praying, Father what is it? I am your son. You said, ask and I will receive. Lord here I am, don’t you see me, don’t you hear me crying out?  Father I have to live.  I have medical aid, rates, water, lights and more to pay for. Lord Jesus speak to our Father. You need to intercede.

I sent out over 40 CV’s. Last night was no different. Cindy and I prayed for work again. This morning I got up, made coffee and breakfast for us and picked up my phone to check for messages.  Richards Bay job site had a job posted for a workshop foreman. “Well,” I said, “let’s apply.”  I sent my CV right there and then and said, “Father Your will be done.” An hour later Riaan. (My boss) called me to go for an interview.

At 14H00 I arrived for the interview.  Riaan asked a couple of questions. I found out that he is also a servant and follower of our Lord Jesus. After the interview I asked out of interest if he had other people to interview. He said he had two more but he didn’t think he would see them. He was happy with me.

I asked him to please see the other two as I know what it feels like not even being called for an interview. I said, “Riaan, when you see them you can make up your mind.”

Well long story short, an hour later in Bluff meat supply parking lot I got the conformation that I have the position.  Cindy, myself and our one friend, Ann were praising God and everybody thought we had lost our bearings.

If you pray and it takes long. Don’t despair. All good things come to those who wait. God has your back. He will give when the time is right.



We serve a God who takes delight in the details

Patty Austin
8 June 2020

Our youngest son Shaun is a medical rep in Australia.  He was back on the road for 3 days after lock-down when he developed a sore throat. His company told him he was not allowed to work and he needed to have a Covid test done.  Obviously it was a concern for all of us so we started praying and trusting God. He had the test done and the results were that it was strep throat the Covid test was negative.  Praise God for answered prayer.

Prior to this he had gone for a long cycle with his friends.  When he got back to his vehicle at the end of the cycle he discovered he had lost his car keys.  He managed to get home with the spare keys but when he tried to replace the keys (because it was a work vehicle) he found out it was going to cost $700 which is about R7 000.  He started to pray.

He put a sign up to say that if the keys were found, to please hand them in.

We got a message this morning to say that the keys have been found!

We serve an awesome God who takes delight in the details of seemingly unimportant things and also the huge things in our lives. We testify to the goodness of God.  Every day there is something good!


I am strong with Jesus by my side!

Marie De Matteis
1 June 2020

On Thursday I saw a water leak on our property near my house and phoned a plumber.  When they arrived they started to dig.  We could not find a main to close off.  They worked until 4 with no success.

On Friday morning the one old man that was digging said something and I asked him if he was a Christian. He said, “Yes I am”.  I was told he is a pastor.   I immediately suggested that we pray, asking the Holy Spirit to show us where to dig.

We prayed, laying hands on the area and our direction for digging was changed.

A while later the pipe was found! “Hallelujah!”  Now we could follow it to find the joint.  That was found half an hour later and it was plugged.  We prayed to thank the Lord.

I made inquiries to find out if it had affected any of the homes and all was fine.

The Holy Spirit was so faithful to show us where to dig.  The old Pastor said his name is Joseph and he knows Charles very well.

I must say I felt so hopeless dealing with this problem. It felt too big, but I am strong with Jesus by my side. Amen! This is to encourage those who feel weak.


Jesus said: it will come to pass….

Johan and Aletta Coetsee
30 May 2020

I had a dream and in the dream I saw a picture of God’s hand and in the palm of Abba Father’s hand was one little puzzle piece. This one puzzle piece represented Johan. I felt Abba Father’s everlasting LOVE wash over Johan. (I AM loves you Johan with an everlasting love; therefore I AM will continue my faithfulness to you. Jeremiah 31:3) Abba Father moved His hand across an empty table. He moved His hand as if He wanted to feel where this piece would fit in. I felt the joy and love of Abba Father asking: “Who will give my beloved son, Johan, an opportunity – to recognise his talents and to offer him employment?”

We started to wait upon the Lord. During this waiting period we placed our hope in Jesus Christ. For the revelation (vision) awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it lingers, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. Habukkuk2:3

Take possession of it! You have seen well for I AM ALERT and ACTIVE, WATCHING over My WORD to perform it! But it is the Lord’s purpose for us that will STAND. And He will bring us OUT from this, that He might bring us into our final OUTCOME. Jeremiah 1:12

He gave us 3 months – of blessed assurance, together with many promises. A time to experience that He loved us first and that is why we can LOVE each other. A Love from God. A love that rejoices with the truth. Through it all (3 months incubation period) it was well. Our God is still in control.

Provision. The Lord kept reminding us of the following: ‘The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the land.’ 1 King 17:14

A glimpse into His future plans for us – in March we heard about a possible opportunity, Namkwa Sandmine West Coast –Tronox. We had to google it and had so much fun just to see where it is and felt very excited about God’s plans for us. Then, all went quiet for a time, until the 15th of May. Johan was asked if he was still available to take up the position on offer. We were reminded of the following: “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And Johan said, “Here am I. Send me!”

(Available: from Elevation)
I hear You call,
I am available,
I say yes Lord,
I am available.

On the 22nd of May Johan was invited to attend a “zoom” interview. Thereafter he was offered the position. The morning of the 24th the following song appeared on my screen of my phone: Colton Dixon – “Miracles”

How do miracles just happen like that,
But I know that You Jesus Christ did all that
You’re the reason, there’s no doubt

On the   29th of May all the papers were signed and in order which allowed him to travel during this level 4-3 lock down period.

To walk in His promises, not to give up! Now faith is being sure what we hope for. This I know for certain God is on our side. He sees us. He knows us. We will sing for joy over our victory and in the Name of our God we will set up our banner. His banner over us is LOVE. Psalm 60:4 Song of Solomon 2:4


Keep your eyes on our good God!

Philip Van der Merwe
24 May 2020

Good morning family.

I want to give a testimony of the goodness of God. By doing this I hope to encourage others in his goodness and faithfulness.

In week 3 of level 5 of the national lock down I was asked to return to work. I am a contractor and only get paid for the days at work. We are 7 maintenance contractors and my team was the only team asked to come back to work.

Then I received 30 day notice to vacate our house. This notice was later extended by another month to the end of June.  My family and I had our hearts set on a house down the road from where we now live as it was perfect for our family of 6 plus our dogs and “baby” our orphaned sheep. We were second on the list. We did not get the house.  Yesterday we found an even bigger house with lots and lots of space for everyone. Even a little flat for my mom and sister who are dependent on me.

God listens. When we feel at our lowest and you think you are doomed. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Not on flesh but on Him. Make him your foundation, your sole centre in everything. Don’t, don’t, don’t beat yourself up because of your situation because I promise you it’s not His will for you to suffer. He loves us beyond our own understanding. Your situation is easier with the Lord in it, than you going through it on your own.

Love to you all.

God is always there for us!

Roy and Norma Rheeder
21 May 2020

At the time of the lockdown we had already spent a month purchasing and of course we had a month ahead of us that we had to pay for. Lockdown came and we were stuck without any income.

Theoretically we should have panicked but we put our faith in our good Lord and prayed that He would provide where the locusts had eaten.  We went through the month and continued to believe that God would come through for us.

Eventually we were given the green light to open the shop which we did and lo and behold the people just poured into the shop. Right up until today we are enjoying very good support and we have come through this whole thing unscathed and we still have all our staff.

We give God all the glory.  We must let our light shine and remember that God is always there for us when we put our faith in Him.

God’s amazing timing and provision

Mike Williams
14 May 2020

Hi Family. Our Father God is truly amazing and caring for us. Yesterday, on my way to work I had a puncture that could not be repaired. During the lockdown period, I managed to purchase 5 good second hand tyres but there was nobody open to have them fitted. Yesterday I had those tyres fitted and I give God all the glory. The real blessing being that I bought 5 tyres worth +- R14 000, for only R2 000. Thank You Jesus!


God is good!

Troy Martins
27 April 2020

I got this word this morning:  Exodus 17:12

‘Moses’ arms soon became so tired he could no longer hold them up. So, Aaron and Hur found a stone for him to sit on. Then they stood on each side of Moses, holding up his hands.’

– This is a time when we need to help others and hold up their hands.
– It is not a time to be selfish and self-centered.
– If you see someone who you are able to help, extend a helping hand.
– When we help each other, it sets us up for victory and success.

PRAYER: Lord, may my life be used by You at this time. May I be someone who lifts the loads that others are carrying and may You send the right person to hold up my arms, I pray. Amen.

So off to town I went after work in the Bay.  While there a young lady asked if I could help with food or some monies as she is broke and has a family to feed.  I told her to meet me outside Spar and I would give her a donation.

When I had finished my shopping I went to an ATM to draw money for her. I then looked for her. Even went into the Spar to look for her. Nowhere to be found. On my way out to my car I said a little prayer that if it is God’s will I would see her. Climbed in my car and drove. The good Lord put her in my view passing taxi city. The only thing is, she was on the left side pavement. I was in the right lane. God provided once again and she crossed the road to my side. There were no cars behind me so I could stop in the middle of the road next to her and give her what I had drawn from the ATM. It was as so awesome to see her with a smile as I left her.

Only once I got home did I remember my devotion this morning, I then realized how God can work through you in wonderful ways. You just have to have faith in His workings and what can be achieved.



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