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Richard Austin – Empowered by Resources.  We are empowered with resources from above.  We already have all we need.  The resources bring freedom and empowerment and we should expect to be transformed for the more.
Lol Addison – Connected to Empower, Empowered to Connect.  We were made for deep connection with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. As we connect we see His power working through us.
Karl Rottcher – A life Worth Living. God wants us to discover what He has purposed  for us so that we may live a life in the fullness of Him. Anything the world has to offer is nothing in comparison.
Charles Ras – Powered by Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit and the word work together. He opens the word and draws us into a closer relationship with Him. He is an ever abiding presence.
Charles Ras – Avoid Load Shedding in your life.  We can live just like Jesus if we remain in His Spirit and being led by Him.
Karl Rottcher – Empowered with Talents.  We have been equipped.  God has provided us with everything we need, without lack to live all out for God!
Karl Rottcher – Empowered with Treasures. All we have comes from our Father in heaven – let us steward the treasures He has bestowed on us well.
Karl Rottcher – Empowered with Time. Go to the source, remain centered in His presence.


Karl Rottcher – Going a little Further. Press in deeper to the intimate place with Jesus.
Keri Rottcher – Growing in Grace. Discovering God’s undeserved love and His power to transform
Peter Swan – A Kingdom Built on His Love. The foundation we stand on is the love the Father has for us. We grow in Him as we understand more His love for us.
Marietjie Van As – In God’s Kingdom you have Dominion.  Once we enter the Kingdom of God, we are immediately given dominion. Are we demonstrating this dominion?
Richard Austin – Living Kingdom Life under the Promises. We live under the abundant life of promises of the Kingdom, not under the law.
Karl Rottcher – Kingdom Resemblance. Do I resemble the Kingdom of God?  We are the change agents of God.  The very work He began He has given us the mandate to complete.
Charles Ras – The Growing Seed. God uses small things to become incredibly significant.  God’s Kingdom is in us and it’s there for growth and expansion and influence!
Karl Rottcher – God’s Eternal Intent.  God’s original intent for mankind has not changed.  we are His image bearers and we we carry His Kingdom in us.
Karl Rottcher – Come Like a Child.  We come to God knowing our position, trusting in His provision and seeking to be obedient in all we do.
Charles Ras – Religion Focus vs Kingdom Focus.  What grabs your focus? Keep your focus on God and His Kingdom and don’t allow the distractions the devil throws at us.
Charles Ras – Kingdom Perspective.  Breakthrough does not come through methodology but through Kingdom.  We need to seek His Kingdom first.
Richard Austin – Higher Perspectives.  As we journey we should see things differently from a Kingdom perspective.  We need to understand we are seated in heavenly places, our beliefs and our Hope needs to be in line with God’s perspective.


  • Our BIG God grows BIG people who have a BIG reach. We encourage you to watch any messages you may have missed from our BIG series last year:

Karl RottcherI see you, Looking at who, how, what and where we see the people around us and the influence we have over them.
Patch Addison Big Reach, Pray continually and be present in the now, stay grafted in Jesus in the tough and confusing in-betweens, attend church and make Jesus your lead story.
Maureen Ras – Stretching up and Reaching Higher, Are we willing to be stretched and extended for God’s reach?
Charles RasJesus in the Community, Most of Jesus ministry was in the market place.  Jesus wants us to bring an expression of who he is in our market place.
Karl RottcherCarriers of Influence. Let our Big reach impact our secret place, family, disciple groups, small groups, ministry teams, church celebrations, our work and social connections.

Charles Ras Big God, we need to expand our view of how BIG God really is
Richard Austin – Our Big God is Spirit, the closer we get to God, the BIGGER He gets! He is Spirit and we connect to Him as Spirit.
Karl Rottcher – God, bigger yet closer, He is above all and in all yet He wants to know us intimately.
Berrington Ntombela – The heart of our Big God, God’s heart is big enough for all, those who are lost and those who never left His feet.
Marietjie Van As – Big God our Father, Our Father created us, knows us intimately, is constantly speaking to us & working in our life.

Maureen RasBig people take stock, count the cost and partner with the Holy Spirit to steward their spiritual growth.
Charles Ras Failure vs Risk. Big people take risks – failure is not a person but a moment.
Peter Swan Big People live a life of Peace no matter the circumstances.
Keri Rottcher Big people honour others even those who think differently to us.
Lol AddisonBig People respond to God’s ability.  They recognise they are chosen, surrender to Him and understand the value of worship.

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